In House Printing



Specializing in large groups, children’s and family portraits, Jackson Hole’s Old Time Photos can have your photos ready in minutes. Let us help make your next vacation a memorable one.


Enjoy viewing the many sample shots in our waiting area of the folks that have come before you and been put on the walls of fame… maybe you’ll recognize someone! After you have decided on your costume, our Staff will assist you with putting on your costume and will pose you for your portrait. Typically, we take 3 portraits of you, each with a different expression, for example, smiling, serious and the ever laughable goofy shot….

Once the Staff is satisfied with the images they’ve taken you’ll be asked to review your portraits on the computer monitor. This is the hardest decision you’ll have to make, which photo and how many? Our goal is to make this a tough decision by producing the highest quality work available in ANY Old Time Portrait studio… we hope you’ll agree!

Once you’ve made your choice we’ll print your portraits (this takes just a few minutes).

See Some Of Our Old Time Photography!